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Scottish ClubSport, previously the Scottish Association of Local Sports Councils (SALSC) was founded 42 years ago. The organisation is a National partner of sportscotland and is the umbrella organisation for Local Sports Councils and ClubSport networks across Scotland.



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Designed to expand the nature and delivery of the ClubSport and Sports Council network in Scotland, Scottish ClubSport undertakes the commitment to develop a national and local structure relevant to the sporting landscape of today, engaging local knowledge and empowering club sport networks to work together in partnership.

Scottish ClubSport enhances the existing, unique Sports Council structure by implementing modernised frameworks and supporting the new ClubSport format to the existing and new members.

With a membership across Scotland, Scottish ClubSport represents a membership of over 2,500 sports clubs with over 300,000 individual members collectively, across 60+ different sports. Covering the majority of Local Authority areas, the Scottish ClubSport membership is highly varied across Scotland. From the smallest with 15 member clubs to the largest with 270+ member clubs, the landscape of ClubSport networks and Sports Councils is unique to each of the local areas.

Scottish ClubSport aims to expand this membership into new Local Authority areas and will work with relevant partners to implement the ClubSport framework where relevant. Working in partnership with sportscotland, Sports Specific Governing Bodies, Local Authorities, Community Sports Hubs, Active Schools, Leisure Trusts and other national and local partners to evolve the existing membership further, whilst expanding into new areas.

The Scottish ClubSport network is designed to give sport at a local level the strongest voice possible when influencing local decision makers. Representing local sport clubs and volunteers, the unique connections with local councillors originally established by the Sports Council model will be built on going forward.

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