Clydesdale Sports Council – Service to Sport award


Congratulations to this years Service to Sport award winner – Ian Notman (Rugby)

This year the Sports Council is recognising an outstanding individual who has both served his Sport & our Community with tremendous dedication for decades. 

The Award goes to a man who has dedicated his life to Rugby. He has been truly committed to the sport and one Club within Clydesdale for 40 years.

He’s an inspirational Individual, who has committed most of his life to Biggar Rugby Club. The Sports Council would like to honour his dedication and outstanding commitment to Rugby.

Starting as a player, before progressing into the coaching side, and all the way through to being Club President. He has been a mainstay of the Club for decades and is completed respected for the outstanding dedication and commitment.

Following his playing career, he dedicated many years to coaching, passing his game knowledge and experience onto future generations.

Over the past 9 years, since moving on from a Convenor’s role, he has held the position of Playing Convenor.

He stepped up to head a small team of 3, to oversee the development of the game at Biggar with a particular emphasis at this point, towards the Senior men’s sides.

This role dealt with everything relating to the senior game, which was an important area for the Club at that time.

He was responsible for the negotiations and selection of Senior club coaches and of attracting players to play at Biggar.

He represented the club at a variety of SRU led meetings, at disciplinary hearings, assessed the equipment needed by the senior squads, helped prepare budgets for the season’s travel, medical expenses and so much more.

Attendance at twice weekly training sessions and games on a Saturday, were additional time dependent aspects of the role, and one which he fulfilled regularly, always full of enthusiasm and energy.

In 2018/19 the 1st XV embarked on an outstanding run of victories which culminated in promotion from National 2 to National 1 (effectively from the 3rd top amateur division to the second top amateur division in Scottish club rugby).

The Service to Sport award recipient is continuing to dedicate his time in the background to help provide the platform for the success to take place & hopefully continue.

Everyone at the Club thinks the World of him and can’t thank him enough for everything he has done for decades & has continued to do for the Club, the community, and Rugby as a Sport.

He is stepping down from his position soon, so we believe this is a fitting tribute to say thank you for everything.

The Clydesdale Sports Council  – Service to Sport Award goes to Ian Notman.

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