Covid Recovery Grants


Scottish Clubsport recognises that Sports Councils, ClubSport networks and community sport clubs are facing significant challenges on the back of Covid 19. As restrictions lift and organisations start to find ways back into operation, this grant scheme aimed to provide short term funding for Sports Councils and ClubSport networks with their operations and to support their member clubs.

Below is a story from ClubSport Stirling, a recipient of £500 from the Scottish ClubSport Covid Recovery Grant.


Describe how you utilised the grant from Scottish ClubSport?

The grant provided enabled us to launch a ‘COVID Relief Fund’ out to our member clubs. In a year when we have not offered our core club development awards, there was a need to support clubs with unique or additional costs incurred as a result of the pandemic.

The fund was open to all member clubs, and was promoted across our club newsletter, and social media accounts. The fund remained open from January 2020 and closed in early March. We amended our standard club development awards application, to simplify this process and allow greatest access for clubs.

It was made very clear what the criteria would be to meet the need, and we decided to offer the fund as ‘micro grants’ of up to £100. Through our grant funding pledge, our intent was to fulfil enough grant requests up to a total of £1000 pot.

As a requirement, we asked all applying clubs to complete our ‘COVID Impact Survey’ to help inform our decision making and shape future support measures.


What difference has your project made?

We were delighted to make eight awards as part of our ‘COVID Relief Fund’. With the total given in grants of £731 to:

Bannockburn Rugby Club- Zoom Subscription for member engagement
Dunblane Curling Club- Zoom Subscription & Face Masks
Equi- Power Central RDA- PPE (Gloves, Masks & Sanitiser)
Forth Valley Fencing Club- Automated Hand Sanitiser for coaches and members at new facility
Stirling Albion Junior Academy- Carex hand sanitisers for each club team
Stirling New Figure Skating Club- Team Membership Booking App purchase
Stirling Swimming Club- Face Covering for coaches on poolside
Coach My Sport- Support for ‘CMS on the Road’ initiative marketing

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