Covid Recovery Grants


Scottish Clubsport recognises that Sports Councils, ClubSport networks and community sport clubs are facing significant challenges on the back of Covid 19. As restrictions lift and organisations start to find ways back into operation, this grant scheme aimed to provide short term funding for Sports Councils and ClubSport networks with their operations and to support their member clubs.

Below is a story from Clackmannanshire Sports Council, a recipient of £500 from the Scottish ClubSport Covid Recovery Grant.


Describe how you utilised the grant:

The grant we received was used for the Additional Support Needs adaptive skiing club. The club have limited equipment and are purchasing a sit ski Stabilo Cushion System.  This is an inflatable system that can be reused and remoulded to individual’s bodies within the sit ski. This is an important piece of equipment that protects the sit skiers from rubbing, bumping and sores. The Stabilo System can be used for everyone and moulds specifically to every individual. At the moment we are using cushions and pieces of foam that can be awkward to use.

There has been a delay in purchasing the equipment as Disability Snow Sport UK has been furloughed.  However they are now back working and the club are in contact with them and are progressing with the purchase of the equipment.


What difference has your project made?

Receiving the grant has allowed our group to be able to purchase appropriate bespoke equipment that provides safe, secure and comfortable cushioning for skiers when using the sit ski. The Stabilo can be transferred to different sit skis providing stable positions that can create and maintain desired shape for individuals, especially those with spasticity and wheelchair users.

Our group allows individuals with a disability to experience and take part in skiing through the use of adaptive equipment and having disability qualified instructors.

We are always trying to improve and offer more for people with a disability in ensuring they have the same opportunities as non disabled participants.

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