Meet Our Board

  1. Name:

Brian Sutherland

  1. Role on Board:

Finance Director

  1. ClubSport network/Sports Council/Community Club you are part of:

South Ayrshire

  1. Current employment I.e. working, retired or student:

Currently unemployed

  1. What drew you to SCS?

Always played sport and fitness all my days and I was keen to try and ‘do my part’ however small to help drive sports participation and development

  1. What do you bring to SCS?

In my role as Finance Director I hope to bring control and clarity to the finances for everyone at all levels and all understandings in order to maximise what can be achieved and allow forward planning as much as possible

  1. How would you describe SCS in three words?

Challenging, rewarding & fun

  1. Favourite sport to participate in?


  1. Favourite sport to watch?

Rugby (when Scotland are winning!)

  1. Favourite piece of advice given to you?

Answer: “The only thing worse than a wrong decision is no decision”.  But I always liked “shy wanes don’t get sweeties”!

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