Meet Our Board


1.       Name:

Answer: Martyn Horsfield

2.       Role on Board:

Answer: Independent Director

3.       ClubSport network/Sports Council/Community Club you are part of:

Answer: I’m not currently a member of any of the above

4.       Current employment I.e. working, retired or student:

Answer: I work for an organisation called Scottish Sports Futures (SSF) as National Manager. SSF use the power of sport and physical activity to engage with vulnerable and disadvantaged young people in Scotland and empower them to be confident, healthy, and happy

5.       What drew you to SCS?

Answer: I have worked with various sports councils throughout my career, and I am a big believer in the support they offer local clubs and their community. COVID-19 has had a massive impact on everyone, and I see sport playing a significant role in Scotland’s recovery. I want to use my knowledge and expertise to support local sports councils, sports clubs, and communities to benefit from sport and physical activity

6.       What do you bring to SCS?

Answer: I have significant experience in “Sport for Change”, designing and implementing sport and physical activity programmes for social good. I believe I can offer a different perspective to the benefits of sport and physical activity and help engage with underrepresented groups. The rest you will have to see for yourself; watch this space! 

7.       How would you describe SCS in three words?

Answer: innovative, adaptable, and collaborative

8.       Favourite sport to participate in?

Answer: I have played a number of sports at various levels, but I particularly enjoy basketball due to its fast-paced nature. More recently I have been getting more into golf but only in the nice weather!  

9.       Favourite sport to watch?

Answer: Again, probably basketball. It’s just so fast! I do enjoy watching a bit of tennis too

10.   Favourite piece of advice given to you?

Answer: My mum always told me growing up “What’s for you wont go by you” and so far, so good!

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