Meet Our Board

  1. Name:

Answer: Joan O’Sullivan

  1. Role on Board:

Answer: Ordinary Director

  1. ClubSport network/Sports Council/Community Club you are part of:

Answer: East Ayrshire Sports Council

  1. Current employment I.e. working, retired or student:

Answer: Working full time as a Group Qualifications Manager Swimtime UK

  1. What drew you to SCS?

Answer: Knowing the great work locally I am involved in as a volunteer and the tremendous impact it can have in local communities, this drew me to SCS to give a voice and share good practices and be part of the development on a larger platform

  1. What do you bring to SCS?

Answer: Passion for what I do, a vast amount of experience from the education, leisure industry, community and business development skills

  1. How would you describe SCS in three words?

Answer: Striving, Collaborative, Evolving

  1. Favourite sport to participate in?

Answer: Aquatics – especially swimming

  1. Favourite sport to watch?

Answer: Swimming – especially para and the Special Olympic field

  1. Favourite piece of advice given to you?

Answer: be honest, admit mistakes and learn by them

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