Meet Our Board

  1. Name:

Dylan Conti

  1. Role on Board:

Ordinary Director – part of the Membership sub-group and help with communications

  1. ClubSport network/Sports Council/Community Club you are part of:

I’m currently affiliated to various organisations across Scotland and the UK including: Scottish Sports Futures, Youth Sport Trust and Glasgow Life

  1. Current employment I.e. working, retired or student:

Currently a student at Glasgow Kelvin College and I also hold various sports coaching jobs

  1. What drew you to SCS?

During 2018 I spoke at the Conference to share my journey with Scottish Sports Futures, From there I had an interest in what SCS do and stand for

  1. What do you bring to SCS?

I bring a wide range of experience in sport: being a member of youth boards, actively coaching and working with young people to sports development. I therefore help support the board on how to engage with SCS members and ensure their communications reaches the widest audience and has the biggest impact

  1. How would you describe SCS in three words?

Adaptable, evolving and progressive

  1. Favourite sport to participate in?


  1. Favourite sport to watch?


  1. Favourite piece of advice given to you?

“You can know all the ‘x and o’s’, but if you can’t communicate your point in the simplest form for anyone, you’ll never be able to share your knowledge to your fullest potential”

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