Scottish ClubSport appoints Interim Vice Chair


We are delighted to confirm that Jackie Smith (Chair of Aberdeenshire ClubSport) has been appointed as Interim Vice Chair of Scottish ClubSport.

Get to know Jackie…


  1. Name:

Jackie Smith (Jake)

  1. Role on Board:

Interim Vice Chair

  1. ClubSport network/Sports Council/Community Club you are part of:

I am a member of Aberdeenshire ClubSport (formally known as Aberdeenshire Sports Council) and in May 2018, I was voted in as the first female chair in their 25 years history. In May 2020, we were granted charitable status.

  1. Current employment I.e. working, retired or student:

I work part time with an outside caterer, which I really enjoy because I love meeting new people. I also have 4 voluntary roles within 3 club organisations whilst also competing so there’s sometimes not enough hours in the day.

  1. What drew you to SCS?

I was really encouraged by two previous Chairs of Aberdeenshire ClubSport to go along to the Scottish ClubSport Annual General Meeting, 4 years ago. Both had been involved over the years and told me to grasp every opportunity, learn from the experience but mostly enjoy the journey. I always come back to Aberdeenshire from these events full of energy and buzzing with ideas. The enthusiasm of everyone involved with SCS is so refreshing.

  1. What do you bring to SCS?

I’m like a wee jigsaw – I bring a little experience from different areas, whether it is working with or within clubs at a local level, the workings of a local sports council, creating and maintaining good partnership working and positive interaction with local authorities. All these little bits from me overall helps to complete the bigger picture of SCS.

  1. How would you describe SCS in three words?

Interested, reactive and proactive

  1. Favourite sport to participate in?

As a youngster it was badminton and judging by the trophies in the loft I wasn’t that bad. I also enjoyed skiing and horse riding. Now however, my chosen sport is target shooting.

  1. Favourite sport to watch?

I love to watch show jumping

  1. Favourite piece of advice given to you?

Be yourself.

However one of my favourite quotes which is relevant to many aspects of life is,

When you try, you learn
When you learn, you improve
When you improve, you succeed.

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