Scottish ClubSport committed to Inclusion in Sport


Scottish ClubSport committed to Inclusion in Sport


In February 2021, Scottish ClubSport became a proud member of the LGBTI Sports Group. The National LGBTI Sports Group is a national group which exists to have a strategic overview of matters of LGBTI equality within sport in Scotland. It was established in 2013 as one of the recommendations from the Out for Sport report.

The National Group recognise that LGBTI people experience particular issues that prevent their equal access and participation in sport; and that LGBTI-phobia in sport causes significant barriers and inequality in sport. It is therefore committed to full inclusion of LGBTI people in sport and physical activity and to tackling LGBTI-phobia within sport.

Gary Grieve, National Development Manager of Scottish ClubSport said;

“At Scottish ClubSport, we are fully committed to ensuring that everyone has equal access to sport and activity. Our aim is to ensure that our Sports Councils, ClubSport networks and community clubs are provided with the relevant training, guidance and support to ensure that no-one feels excluded or marginalised and volunteers are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to support their members.”

Membership of the LGBTI Sports group consists of strategic partners, umbrella bodies, national LGBTI organisations and sports governing body representatives. The group is Chaired by LEAP Sports (Leadership, Equality and Active Participation in Sports for LGBTI people in Scotland) who work for greater inclusion for LGBTI people in sport and against homophobia, biphobia and transphobia in a sports context. They are committed to breaking down the structural, social and personal barriers which prevent lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people across the country from accessing, participating and excelling in Scottish sports.

Hugh Torrance, Executive Director of LEAP Sports said;

“Working collaboratively as part of the National LGBTI Sports Group has enabled good progress to be made for LGBTIQ+ people in sport in Scotland, but we know that more work needs to be done. We’re pleased to welcome Scottish Clubsport to the group and look forward to the opportunity to widen impact and reach many more people in their local areas.”

Scottish ClubSports involvement in this LGBTI Sports Group is a formal commitment to the sporting sector and it is hoped the collaborative effort of all involved will have a significant impact in making sport inclusive for all.

Scottish ClubSport will be supporting by:

  • Participating in LGBTI campaigns and days of recognition
  • Sharing best practice resources with Sports Councils, ClubSport networks and their Sports Clubs
  • Challenging behaviour, attitudes and language which is harmful to the LGBTI community

A copy of Scottish ClubSports Equality Statement can be found here –


To find out more about the group, click here. The terms of reference for the group can be found here.

If any Scottish ClubSport member would like to find out more, please contact [email protected].

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