About Our Members

ClubSport networks and Sports Councils play an important role within local communities, they provide an independent voice for local sports clubs and organisations, regardless of size or sport. Under the ClubSport or Sports Council umbrella these networks represent the collective voice of sport within their local community. ClubSport networks and Sports Councils are well positioned in the community to raise important local sporting issues with their local authority and locally elected members, this is a core function of the network and is truly unique to this structure.

Community First

The Scottish ClubSport members are in place within communities and local authority areas to proactively support their member clubs, they aim to be visible in the community and each plays their part in encouraging people to get physically active.

Each ClubSport or Sports Council is unique and they have their individual benefits; these benefits may include distributing grants to clubs, athletes and coaches on behalf of the local authority for ClubDevelopment, Talented Athletes, Coach Education, Equipment or Events. Many ClubSports and Sports Councils organise events and workshops, including Funding, Come and Try and Festival of Sport for example. Annual Sports Awards are often the highlight of the year for many ClubSports or Sports Councils, this is an opportunity to recognise the achievements and sporting successes at a local level. All offer signposting services and create links between other local sporting activities such as Active Schools and Community Sports Hubs. The aim of the network is to create strong partnerships amongst all sporting partners at a local level.